Informing, Inspiring, educating and empowering you to

become your truest S.E.L.F.

What would your world look like if you gave a voice to your heart and allowed it to sing the song you came here to sing?


We must all resolve our inner conflicts before we establish peace in the world!


How far would you be willing to travel to fulfil your destiny?


About Ariana Rainbow’s creator, Eliana Keen

Ariana Rainbow aims to inform, inspire, educate and empower individuals across the globe. Personal Empowerment Mentor, Eliana Keen facilitates personal development and growth by raising your self-awareness and providing tools for emotional literacy. Through a series of colourful metaphors she will guide you through a playful journey of discovery. As a result of her own process dealing with the loss of her husband to suicide and several cycles of depression. Eliana has  created her own content and methodology and now invites YOU to become your truest S.E.L.F. and create an empowering life for yourself and those around you.

Our Services

Living Talks

Life Talks

A holistic wellness programme aimed at adults. By exploring how we operate as human beings, we gain essential understanding and learn how to implement  it in our daily lives to promote wellbeing and personal growth.

Life Talks can be delivered live in worldwide workshops or online for individuals.

Teen Talks

Another holistic programme aimed at Young People. With a focus on emotional literacy,,  Teen Talks engages young people and  teaches them a new set of soft skills and knowledge to equip and prepared them to adulthood. Through a series of workshops delivered at Schools and after school clubs as part of Personal Social & Health Education Curriculums.

Let’s Talk!

A series of talks to elaborate on topics such as Empowerment Freedom; Spirituality and other important matters that influence and affect our lives.. Ariana is passionate about making a positive contribution in the world by sharing her gifts and her belief that ultimately, our common purpose is to evolve into a kinder, compassionate and loving human race.

Be Talks Publications

A Book About Us – Celebrating Diversity Volume One is the first steps into a colourful journey around the globe and a fulfilled exploration of self and social discovery.

About Eliana

Eliana Keen, is a qualified Counsellor with over 25 years of personal exploration. She has  experience working with children & young people, adults and the elderly. She is an Author, Personal Development Mentor, Language Teacher, a Workshop Leader, Public Speaker, Reiki Practitioner, Zumba Instructor and Herbalife Distributor. She developed her own method and created her own material. Eliana is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and believes in a colorful and peaceful future for humanity. 

Now, more than even, as we transition into new and needed ways to live with each other and the planet, Eliana believes we must all take responsibility over our inner conflicts and turnmoils by dealing with our life’s challenges in a mature and consicous way. Eliana believes that the lack of emotional literacy is responsible for much of the suffering we experience because we have not learned to deal with our emotional issues effectively and that self-awareness is key to us finding inner peace and power!

 Years Experience

happy clients


Client Testimonials 

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:



“It was so exciting and interesting to find things out about myself and it was great fun to do the PSHE workshop. I learned about having a soul and about emotions that helped me deal with some difficulties I was having at home. Thanks Ariana!”


Northern Ireland

“Ariana’s approach is very helpful because it builds a big picture then deconstructs it. Everything she talked about made sense and helped me cope with my separation and create different possibilities for myself.”



“I was feeling depressed when my teachers sent me to see Ariana as my counsellor. Ariana helped me to understand many of the stresses in my life and gave me tools to help me deal with them.”

Ana Maria


““I went to Ariana’s Teen Talks Workshop at the Summer camp. I found it really fun talking about my life and making the life box and I learned that life of human beings are mostly the same but our soul is unique.”



“Ariana is a dedicated, intelligent and empathic facilitator. She is a great listener and enjoys discussing issues that gave me food for thought and a more empowering outlook in life, at a time I felt stuck in a rut”



“I lost my grandmother whom I was very close to at a difficult time in my life. Ariana helped guide me back on my feet by using her Life Talks programme which helped me gain back my empowerment. I’m really grateful for her help.”

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