Let’s Talk About AWARENESS, S.E.L.F. Awareness

Let’s Talk About AWARENESS, S.E.L.F. Awareness

What do you know about WHO and WHAT you are?

The four petals of the human flower: Four dimensions of being in the world.

We can define self-awareness as the ability to see ourselves clearly; to understand who we are and how we navigate through life. However, the journey to reach that level of understanding combined with the ability to implement it, is not necessarily an easy one. It seems to me that we live in a world that neither teaches us nor encourages us to consistently take a good look at ourselves to ‘check in’ on how we are doing at the level of who we truly are. As Michael Jackson suggested in his song Man in the mirror ‘if we want to make the world a better place, take a look at your yourself then make a change…’ Not really an easy thing to do! Believe me, I know. However, I imagine, like me, you know deep down that the world is crying out for change and if we are to follow Gandhi’s teachings then self-awareness is inevitable in order to ‘be the change we want to see in the world!’

Nevertheless, the pursuit for self-awareness can be quite a daunting process and then you realise that it is actually is a lifelong one. Life never stops teaching us and the more we know, the more we realise there is always another level. Having said that, once we are on that journey, we also come to understand that whatever reasons that led us to our individual quests, we are right where we are meant to be and that there is no turning back. 

My search for the answers to existential questions like ‘Who Am I and What I am doing here’ that took me on my individual quest began when I was quite young. As an introvert and introspective child, I often found myself observing and analysing what was going on around me. I was also often teased because I never really said much. And as the youngest of four siblings, I never came top in the pecking order so I learned very early on to take care of myself and be responsible for my own choices.

If you are reading this blog, you may have also read my very personal ‘When the heart speaks louder’ series. In this platform I will endeavour to bring to you some of the learnings I have gathered from the many questions and searches I have contemplated and meditated on over the years. Pain and suffering led me to seek help in alternative practices as conventional medicine was never effective in alleviating my discomfort. Depression claimed my husband’s life and infiltrated mine so I decided to challenge this dreaded condition that afflicts the lives of so many of us including our young people. As a chosen school of thought in my Counselling degree, I studied and explored Existentialism which enabled me to gain insights into how to deal with my own depression. I came to understand the basis of the four different dimensions of being in the world. This then helped me not only to break free from the dramas that kept me stuck but also to figure out how suicide is simply not the answer to end pain. I have created my own approach and methodology and in my ‘Living Flower’ concept, I can demystify how getting rid of our body gives us no guarantee that we would also illuminate our pain.

I am currently working on an online self-awareness course which will be launched soon and today I would like to share with you the four ‘petals’ of the human ‘flower’ that makes up our sense of S.E.L.F.

  • Physical Body: We have a body, we are NOT our bodies!
  • Mind: Like the body, we use our minds to learn from and make sense of our surroundings, but we are NOT our minds!
  • Emotions: We experience the world in our social context by relating to others. This is an area in which we seem to lack proficiency and therefore an area that causes a great deal of confusion, hurt and overwhelm.
  • Soul: We are Spiritual beings on a human journey. Our Soul is unique and individual to each one of us. Spirit, which is Collective, is the Source of our creation.

Aristotle suggested that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and to bring this brief introduction to my Let’s Talk About blog series to a close, my message here is that, in order for us to become self-aware so that we can become better at navigating through life, it is essential that we not only understand that we operate on those four dimensions of being but also how to nurture each of those levels which are of course intrinsically connected. In my teachings and in particular, in my Living Flower metaphor, I elaborate on this with greater detail. Should you wish to learn more, please feel free to get in touch.

I fully appreciate that this is not an easy or fun subject to read on a Sunday afternoon – or any day of the week for that matter. However, I wonder how long we can actually ‘carry on regardless’ without being open to this kind of conversations so we can better equip ourselves to lead more empowering, fulfilling, peaceful and joyful lives. The Universe is friendly. We just seemed to have forgotten our true nature and how to connect to it. Namaste 🙏

There is more to a human life than a mere existence.


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