Let’s talk about POWER, personal power!

Let’s talk about POWER, personal power!

What would your world look like if you chose to lead an empowering life?

Let me first of all clarify what I mean by POWER. There are two distinct definitions I would invite you to consider:

  1. The ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way;
  2. The ability or capacity to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of particular events. 

Let’s focus on definition 1:

In my last blog about self-awareness, I introduced you to my Living Flower metaphor . It identifies the four aspects of operating as a human being. We have a physical body, we process information using our minds and we experience emotions by engaging with our environment and the people in it. Ultimately, however, we are spiritual beings on a human journey. Of course, the mere knowledge about these four dimensions is not sufficient to conduct a coherent and therefore, empowering life. One must nourish and nurture each part of her or his ‘self’ accordingly to attain a level of harmony and balance.

What do I mean by coherence:

I understand what my body needs and do my utmost to nourish it accordingly. I have learned to observe my thoughts and feed my mind with inspiring and stimulating information. I no longer brush my feelings aside pretending they are not there. Most importantly though, I take great care of my spiritual needs. Our soul is the source of our unique light. It took me many years of pain and suffering to get to who I am becoming. And believe me, I have made many mistakes. Notwithstanding, once I made a choice to embark on a path of self-discovery, self-regulation and self-empowerment, that was it! I was well and truly on my way to stand in my own power, no matter what the illusion of a chaotic world appeared to be.

“We are our choices”

According to 20th century French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, “We are our choices.” This means that, ultimately, we have the power to choose how to engage with the world around us. The circumstances in our lives should not dictate who we wish to become. When I was first introduced to these philosophical ideas I couldn’t help asking myself: ‘How come I did not learn this in my formal education? How much further ahead  on my quest would I be, had I been exposed to such powerful information?’ Well, as the saying goes, ‘better late then never!’ Whilst refraining from making the world – and the education system – wrong, I decided to dig deeper into these truths and make the adjustments I needed to tap into my inner power. 

We are all work in progress…

I am not saying it is an easy or a simple choice. Besides, life happens and I constantly find myself having to make adjustments. I am always reminding myself that I have the power to choose and no one can tell me otherwise. This kind of power, personal power, is a currency that cannot be bought, borrowed, stolen, negotiated, faked, controlled or manipulated. It can only be created by the decision you make to cultivate it. We are work in progress…

You don’t have to go alone!

In my Life Talks and Teen Talks services, I can walk you through and mentor you into making empowering choices so you too can cultivate personal power – for more information please visit my site  www.arianarainbow.com

“Our personality creates our personal reality”

Dr Joe Dispenza reminds us that our ‘personality creates our personal reality’ and this is very good news indeed because we CAN recreate ourselves and manifest the reality of our choosing. It takes work and commitment for sure, but it’s such a thrill to commune with the Divine aspect of our being. So in conclusion, here are some questions I would invite you to ask yourself: How far would you be willing to go to fulfil your potential? What would it take for you to start moving your life  in the direction of a reality of your making? What changes and adjustments are you willing to make in your thinking to change how you act and feel? The choice is yours! 

Thoughts, feelings and actions create your life!


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