When your he❤️rt speaks louder…

When your he❤️rt speaks louder…

When your Heart speaks

By Ariana Rainbow ©️ 2019

Part 1

Have you ever had your heart ‘nagging’ you to go the opposite way to where your head is taking you?

Well, let me tell you about what happened when I decided to listen to mine and give it a voice. However, I couldn’t possibly talk about such a topic in one single blog, so this will come to you in three parts.

Step into my world for a moment and I will share with you my recent story and how I am learning to lead my life more coherently, that is, with my mind and heart working together as a whole and by becoming a better me so I can fulfil my destiny.

Two months ago I walked away from three different sources of income; terminated my tenancy agreement in idyllic Giggleswick – yes, it is a real village in the delightful Yorkshire Dales. I also had to let go of ‘bags’ of stuff giving them to friends and charity shops and keep only what I could fit into my car, Nancy. I closed my Zumba classes down and said goodbye to people who had become very dear to me – the two most difficult things I had to do 😢

So after a few coffee mornings, lunches, afternoon teas and dinners, I bid au-revoir to enchanting Settle and technically became homeless and jobless! Obviously, I had hatched a carefully thought out plan – inspired by my heart’s voice – which I will share with you along the way of this mini blog series. I am aware some of you beautiful people reading this blog, who know me are kind of aware of a little bit of what I am up to. However, to be totally frank with you, sometimes I don’t even know what I am really up to! After all, I am engaging with the unknownness of my heart’s depth. All I really know is that I trust and have unconditional faith that I am in good hands – if you can say that about your own ❤️

On 24th July 2019, with Nancy packed in a jigsaw manner to transport all the designated cases and boxes, I headed South-West to complete my first Mindahome Assignment. Upon my arrival, my hostess in question welcomed me and made me feel very relaxed. We sat at her garden table and shared a lovely meal with the opportunity of meeting her two children and getting to know one another. The following day they left to join the husband who had gone ahead to get their holiday home ready. I was therefore left in charge of their home and their Siamese cat, Lilly. Upon their return, nine days later, they brought me a birthday gift from France and I cooked them all a Brazilian dish which we shared sitting at the garden on a very pleasant Summer’s evening.

On my birthday Nancy and I took to the M4 and had a long drive to Cardiff   to celebrate it with my wonderful son who took me out for a scrumptious and delightful 10 course meal – best food experience I have ever had  – at Heaney’s. You definitely need to check it out next time you are in Cardiff   https://www.heaneyscardiff.co.uk.

My second assignment was near Cardiff in South Wales where I spent most of August. This time I was left looking after a farm house with a fabulous view of the town, nestled in the Welsh lush valley below cut by both Rhondda and Taff rivers serenading the town with their constant flow. The farm house was very cosy and spacious where I enjoyed log fires with my companion Spiroe, the cat. I was also in charge of minding seven tomato plans, a grape vine and two pregnant cows! I know… don’t ask 😹

So it is now, September and I am on the fourth week of my third assignment which will last three months. I am caring for three cats – Daisy, Tiggy & Penny – and a chicken called Molly. If you wish to know more about minding homes and pets please go to  https://mindahome.co.uk.

Ok so now you are probably asking: “What exactly is your heart up to in order to drive you to give up your jobs, your home, your sense of security, your friends, your community and to dispose of your possessions?” Well, you will have to wait for my next blog posts as my journey unravels. As I said before, all I really know is that I trust and have faith. I made a commitment to follow my heart’s deepest desire and realise my potential. All I have is my vision of the future I want to step into. But just how I am going to pull it off and make it real, is work in progress. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says: “It is not your job to do anything! Be detached from the outcome and let the Greater Mind take care of the details – but you have to do the work” (paraphrased). To know more about his cutting edge work  and the difference he is making in the world visit.

Meanwhile, thank you for reading my blog. I would love you to engage in this conversation so feel free to leave your comment. Part 2 coming soon.


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